Ziyun: the establishment of "3 + 1" mechanism to enhance the livelihood of village-level supervisors to perform their duties

In recognition of 17 outstanding people’s livelihood supervisors to strengthen the study and training, in order to quickly upgrade the skills to perform their duties, to break the village’s livelihood supervisors "not, bad, will not" supervise the bottleneck problem, developing a "connected track", focused on knowledge, good supervision and ability to work. Ziyun County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC JISC take intensive classes county, township Commission for Discipline Inspection Training with training and other ways, the focus on discipline and regulations, heavy and difficult to supervise people’s livelihood, people’s livelihood typical case analysis, to carry out education "eight a" working methods, etc. training supervisor for the livelihood of the people "knock on the blackboard," the focus of planning, supervision and ensure accurate, strong, no dead ends. Good use of assessment and incentives, to improve efficiency, mobilize the enthusiasm of an important channel, Ziyun County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC to develop village-level people’s livelihood supervisors shall be clearly monthly assessment of supervisors by the township people’s livelihood Commission for Discipline Inspection, the county Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Control Yuan four in charge of discipline inspection room quarterly assessment data collection and review of the way, people’s livelihood and the implementation of livelihood master supervisors monitor policies, participate in the monitoring work, provide clues to problems such as situation assessment, and as an important reference for the people’s livelihood supervisor Pingyoupingxian and basis.

To accurately understand the people’s livelihood supervisors work, Ziyun County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC clear lead by the fourth discipline inspection room, the township discipline inspection commission in charge of regularly carry out supervision and inspection of village people’s livelihood supervisor performance of duties, supervision and inspection by the promotion of good experiences and practices, to correct the deviation of work, and the work is not conscientiously perform their duties of supervisors to talk to remind the people’s livelihood and criticism and education, to lay a solid foundation for improving people’s livelihood supervisor oversight capacity and supervisory levels. At the same time, to timely perform their duties conscientiously at work, take the initiative to act, the courage to play people’s livelihood supervisors were informed of praise, encourage positive and effective livelihood supervisors play a supervisory role in village affairs, financial management, engineering projects, escort to tackling poverty convoy. "This year, the county and township Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC carried out a total of 28 business training, village livelihood supervisor found 349 problems, turn the township Commission for Discipline Inspection to initiate an investigation reviewed 8 8 people. Next, we will continue to fine grasp realistically catch and sturdy supervision, give full play to the people’s livelihood supervisors supervise ‘probe’ and ‘nerve endings’ role in ensuring timely livelihood supervisors, prepare, complete mastery, precision strong supervision, effectively escort Ziyun County fight and win tackling poverty. "Ziyun County Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan, the official said. (FIG / Wen Yang Ying) (Editor: Gao Andrew Lam, Chen Kangqing).