The 3rd Shafei Photography Week continued to focus "the world’s opening"

  Xinhuanet Guangzhou October 23 (Reporter Weng) will continue until the 3rd Shafei Photography Week, November 22, opened on October 22, Guangdong Jiangmen Kaiping City.

The event still uses the "World Kaiping" as the theme, through the development of famous exhibitions, famous lectures, photography seminars, photographing winds, etc. Chen Xiaoman, deputy secretary of Kaiping Municipal Committee and Municipal People’s Government, said Chen Xiaoman, said, as Kaiping as a hometown of China’s photography, has a deep photography historical culture.

As a national famous overseas Chinese, Kaiping is still a red land, the birth of the patriotic Overseas Chinese and Sissen Meitang, one of the main leaders of Guangzhou Uprising, etc. Zhou Wenzhen and other revolutionary ancents. This session of Shafei Photography Week was jointly hosted by the China Photographic Admixture, China Photographic Newspapers, Guangdong Photographers Association, and Kaiping Municipal People’s Government. This exhibition is divided into three major exhibitions, eight featuring exhibitions, and "viewing" series of "viewing" series of seminars and Dawan District (Kaiping) photography meeting. The picture shows the opening ceremony of the 3rd Safei photography around November 15th held in Kaiping City, Guangdong Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. Xinhua Net "Doing a good photo of Safei Photography Week, consciously use the lens record era, writing the age, the era of singing, can help the red gene, promote the cultural culture of the overseas Chinese, constantly motivate the future people, earnestly tell the Chinese story, tell the state of Kaiping," Talking about the red story, take the initiative to take the strength of your strength, let the revolutionary fire will pass on behalf.

Chen Xiaoman said.