Red Flag Chain: In 2020 net profit more than 500 million yuan, 3336 stores

  On March 31, the red flag chain released 2020 annual report.

In 2020, the Hongqi chain realized business income billion, a year-on-year increase, achieving net profit billion, a year-on-year decline.

After deducting the investment income of the associate and the joint venture, the red flag chain main business net profit growth has grown. The Red Flag Chain is displayed, and the new opening shop far more plan for 2020. As of December 31, 2020, there were 3,336 stores. During the reporting period, 302 new open shops and 160 old shops were upgraded.

  In 2020, the Hongqi chain continued to maintain the leading position in the Sichuan retail industry according to its own development strategy and business plan, steady operation and orderly.

Actively respond to the market, upgrade the store to the store, optimize the product structure, and enhance the business ability of store community.

  Strengthen logistics construction. Reconstruction of Wenjiang Logistics Distribution Center; set up Zigonghongqi Logistics Co., Ltd., built a three-year company to increase the delivery capacity of 1000 stores; increase the cold chain storage area, improve the cold-chain logistics ability; Convenience Chain Co., Ltd., successfully copied red flag chain management model.

  During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the red flag chain three major distribution centers are standing for 24 hours, fully guarantees all store merchandise distribution, ensuring market supply, to achieve "not closed, continuous goods, no price increase", meets nearly 80 million people ‘s needs.

(Jiang Yan).