Rongchang: "The most beautiful courtyard transformation plan"

Hand drawn drawing decorative country.

The organizers of the event is for March this year. On the basis of voluntary self-employment in the villagers, the activities combined with the actual transformation needs of the villagers’ dams, collecting nowns who meet the requirements.

With the support of the village committee, the joint team issued an invitation of the "Most Beautiful Courtyard Reconstruction Contest" in the country. After more than a month collection, 81 young teams registered and founded the choice, and finally submitted 63 sets of design.

  On April 16th, the "Most Beautiful Courtyard" transformation competition was conducted at the Yinhe Village Lecture Hall.

18 villagers as a "judge", select satisfactory works by score.

Through the competition, 12 pieces stand out, in which the team design of the School of Art and Design College of Chongqing College of Arts and Design is awarded a prize. "The biggest feature of these design works is based on the actual needs and desire of the villagers.

Next, we will organize college youth to participate in weekend volunteers, summer practice and online and other forms, and guide villagers to have a courtyard transformation.

"The person in charge of the organizational side of the competition said. Best plan came out, but the village communication is a" big project "as soon as possible.

Positive summer vacation, the joint team took the initiative to contact the college resources in Beijing, Chongqing, Sichuan, invited Chongqing State School, Chongqing to the architectural design, art painting, landscape environment of the foreign trade school, and launch summer practice in Yinhe Village batch times. With the villagers, joint teams cooperate will be the most beautiful.

  From the investigation village ecological environment, historical humanities, social structures, industrial status, people’s style, etc. Adjust the "most beautiful courtyard" design program over and over again, one-on-one and the villagers completed the courtyard transformation. Brighter wall painting, simple brick wall, including smart patterns, bamboo lamps. In order to fully consider the economic situation of the villagers, the students pick up the shovel and hoes to clean the weed bricks, turn out the earth, online shopping paint hand-painted wall painting, cut the bamboo to do the flower garden, explain the drawings to listen to the demand, help the villagers at the lowest cost Realize the dream of the courtyard transformation.

  The Town Village and the Commission have supported support in the process of reform. After many efforts, the "most beautiful courtyard renovation plan" has now become a "big thing" in the village, and more than ten villagers have taken the initiative to register for the Village Convenience Service Center. .

In this process, the villagers fully activate the self-confidence and feelings of the village subjects, and effectively guide the villagers to make a hairdressing home, dress up the activeness of the rural people. (Liu Zhengning, Huang Yahui) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.