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This is Wang Hao, who lives in the vague mountain in Nanjiang County, Sichuan Province (information). Xinhua News News Agency

"This sentence comes from Wang Wei’s mouth. She has served as a Standing Committee of Nanjiang County Committee of Bazhong, Sichuan Province.

  Wang Wei, born in 1961.

In 1982, she was assigned from the Southwest University of National College to the Palestinian Animal Husbandry Bureau, and later transferred into the local discipline committee to become a discipline inspection and supervision cadre.

  Bazhong, is a hot soil that is cured by red army.

On this red land, she felt the power of faith and firmly firmly of his loyalty to the party’s career.

  The thin and thin king is a hard bone. People who know Wang Hao know that in front of her is not good. In the past few years in the Secretary of the Nanjiang County Commission for Discipline Inspection, she directly took the investigation to organize all kinds of difficulties, typical cases, facing the resistance from all aspects, insisting on the bottom, to recover the direct economic loss for the country more than 10 million yuan. In the position of the Discipline Inspection and Monitoring, she explored the job of innovation of the discipline inspection and the zero distance of the people. The joint relationship between the group is zero, supervising the zero gear file, the case investigates zero shelves, and then plastic image "five zero" work methods, Strictly supervise the objection of objection, resolutely safeguard the party’s discipline, the national legal authority, and create a good environment in which the wind is positive.

She put forward the idea of ??establishing the system of the village-level party style and clean government construction supervision, so that the village-level letters and visit cases have fallen sharply.

Wang Wei (left) got a visit to the people in his country and gave a decisive policy. (Information photo) The hardships of the father of the folks, let her sleep.

She rushed to coordinate the relevant departments, built an iron cable bridge for the villagers separated by the river and the cultivated land, which greatly facilitated the cultivation and life of the villagers; she used their own 20,000 yuan bonus for the "National Discipline Inspection System Advanced Workers" Funding rural poor kids reading; she also built apartments for the "back buddy" for their lives, so that they have the rest of the people … she is like a sunshine, a spring breeze .

  Wang Wei works in the second line of discipline inspection and supervision, and served as Nanjiang County Leaders for many years. It has been correct and honest, not private, repeatedly refuses gifts, and even rejects the younger brother to ask her special care. She often said: "The power in our hands is public power. If you use the right to make private benefits, it is the betrayal of the people!" In July 2006, Nanjiang suffered a large drought, Wang Wei fell in a drought-fired line, and was subject to lung cancer Late stage. She decided to exchange the proposal of the relaxed position and said: "I know that I haven’t had more time, do one day. I love the discipline inspection, I have to persist in the post." In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake Nanjiang became one of the hittime.

After the earthquake occurred, it was already late in lung cancer. Wang Wei, who was receiving chemotherapy in Chongqing, immediately ended the treatment and returning to the South River.

She went deep into towns and towns, organized the masses to transfer, supervised disaster relief supplies, and for months until the last moment of life. In November 2008, Wang Yu died of illness, only 47 years old. She was awarded the title of "National Excellent Communist Party" "National Mandari Red Flag" "Reform Pioneer" "The Master".

The woman who loves red leaves, has a red-leaved and character, and she dedicated her life to the red fertile soil of the revolutionary old district, and was known as "forever Bashan Red Leaf" by the big Bar. In 2009, the Shanghai Opera "Red Leaf Soul" changed by Wang Wei’s advanced deeds. (Data Photo) After Wang Wei died, Nanjiang County has continued to carry out the "Wang Wei spirit accompanied me" activities; Wang Wei, Wang Wei, opened by the Nanjiang County Commission for Discipline Inspection, and became the local party membership and integrity education compulsory courses. "Wang Wei is always our valuable spiritual wealth.

Zhang Haiquan, executive deputy secretary of the Nanjiang County Commission for Discipline Inspection, said.