Shandong: Promote "four history" to learn to go to the public

[I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission] Shandong: Promote "four history" learning to the public Zhao Qiuli Feng Fan 2020 June 28 09:36 Source: "Both have their own, have their own mother, save the last grain For the front. Both have their own children, have their own women, send the last bone, blood sprinkle battlefield.

"From June 12th to 13th, the national opera" Yimeng Mountain "concert version reloaded, and appeared in the Shandong Provincial Chart, reproduced the history of the Anti-Japanese wars of Shandong people, and wrote the hero whispering songs that Mengshan Water.

According to the Opera "Yimeng Mountain" developed by the Yimeng Mountain Revolutionary Base, the Live History of the Yimeng Mountain Revolution, vividly tells the dynamic stories of the Based military and civilians and life and death. Deeply connotation.

Combined with the "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education activities, "Yimeng Mountain" has performed more than 80 games and became an important carrier of Shandong "four history" learning.

History is the best textbook.

Since the "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education, all departments from all over Shandong have made important content "four history" as the important content of the theme education, through research, exhibition, preaching, etc., continue to do a good job in "four history" learning, vast Party members and cadres have enhanced the minds of the "four history" and consciously.

Shandong Provincial Party School (Shandong Administrative College) combines the "four history" education and understanding of the internship, the socialist thinking of China’s characteristic socialism, combining the party’s theoretical education and party sex education, optimizing the curriculum system, improve Teaching quality, constantly enhance targeted and effectiveness.

Chang Xu Wen, the executive deputy school (Shandong Administrative College), Chang Xu, Chang Xu, Chang Xu, Chang Xu, Chang Xu, Chang Xu, Chang Xu, Chang Xu, said: "Remembering history can be facing the future, effectively strengthen the" four history ‘education, talking about the history of party, new China, reform and opening up history, socialist development History, it is important and far-reaching significance. To put the "four history" education into the party school (administrative school) teaching system, select the team of teachers, to create a quality course, develop and write outstanding textbooks, launch major theoretical results, issue Good voice in the party school, promoting Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking and party route policy, the central government decision-making deployment deep into the masses, deep into the hearts, to work in the forefront of Shandong Province, and fully creative ‘to make the dedicated contribution.

"In June 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that in Shandong Province, the history of ancient times, modern history, modern history constitute a rich historical picture of the Chinese nation.

Leading cadres should read more history, learn more spiritual nutrition from history. It is necessary to strengthen national key cultural relics to make excellent cultural relics generation. Today, with the theme of "Ocean Strong Country, Heroes", with the Maritime Silk Road Museum, Penglai Water City, Qi Jiguang Memorial Hall for on-site teaching points, the Penglai Teaching Area has formed, and the Qi Jiguang Memorial Hall is open for one year. There are more than 400 batches of various students to visit, 10,000, and the party members and cadres learn the heroic feelings here. Since the theme education, Yantai City actively promotes the role of the national history of the party history. The public group members have deeply entered the organ unit, urban community, enterprises to preach the red story, fully improve the party history, the history of China’s history, and jointly with Yantai Municipal Committee Carry out the theme party day activities, telling the "Looking back to the history of Jiaodong, condense the power of Yantai" party history class.

Yantai continued to promote the "six-way" event of the party history, through the depth into Yantai University, Lu Dong University, Navy Aviation University, Yantai Engineering Vocational and Technical College and other colleges and universities to give red books, send party classs to grassroots, etc., promote party history, new China Shi Xuan Chuan Education into the grassroots level, go to the youth, to the public.

Weihai relying on Jiaodong (Weihai) party spirit education base, opened the initial mission education hall, telling the Chinese Communists in the nearly a hundred years of renovation, and the story of life, showing the leaders of the Communist Party of China to unite the Chinese people, realize from standing, rich Great course, guiding party members and cadres thinking about how to practice the initial and mission of the Communists in the red classic story. Combined with "I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission" theme education, Weihai put the party’s sexual education base teaching video resource system into learning materials, and has issued learning for the grassroots party organizations, and has successively launched the cross-border integration stage drama "see dream Weihai", song and dance The drama "bonfire", movie "Tianfushan Uprising", dance drama "Life", "Love in Sky", the Beijing Opera "Guo Yonghuai" and other "four history" learning related film and television works for various departments. At the beginning of this year, combined with new corona epidemic prevention and control, the 360-degree online exhibition hall of Weihai Party’s sex education base was launched, and there were more than 30,000 people in the online student.

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