The first batch of applications completed the test financial science and technology innovation supervision mechanism accelerated

[] The reporter learned that the recent first batch of financial science and technology innovation applications completed testing, Beijing and Shenzhen 4 innovation applications were released.

Experts said that the first batch of innovation projects completed the test, marking the "last kilometer" in the mechanism construction of China Financial Science and Technology Innovation Supervision, and formed a complete work closed loop, which is an important milestone for the development of my country’s financial science and technology supervision mechanism. The three innovative applications of the first batch of financial science and technology innovation and supervision tools in Beijing were the "Iron-based items", "Bank of China", Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank-based Industry Finance Services "" Aibankinside product "in China.

At the deputy director of the Rule of Law and Sustainable Development Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, the deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Network Law Research Association, Beijing’s three innovation applications used the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and block chains, etc. At the leading edge technology of the actual application, covering the supply chain, open banking and industrial finance, etc., in the digital economic era, has broad development prospects in the digital economy, involving customer service, business management and risk prevention and control, etc. The main links of the digital transformation of financial institutions have both large banks including Internet banks, with obvious "competitive neutral" and diversified colors.

Shenzhen completed the test of the test is "Universified Credit Credit Service", which is jointly built by the Shenzhen Futian District Government and the Office of the Office, on the Shenzhen Futian District Government Service Credit Approval system, with machine learning, big data With a variety of emerging information technology, embed credit information embedded in the approval process, which greatly enhances the processing efficiency of various matters. Associate Professor Wang Zhicheng, director of the Jinhua School of Beijing University, believes that the credit officials are fully played as financial infrastructure data and experience advantages, and the credit concept is implanted into the day-to-day scenario through the "Credit Information + Government" model. With the full play of honesty, the information subject can deeply feel the positive incentives of the trustworthy, reach the purpose of the information main body and the government and other people’s win-win, effectively promote the construction of social credit system. Representative Deputy Director of the National Financial and Development Laboratory said that the first batch of innovative applications completed testing, which means that these applications have reached the corresponding requirements during the tools of tools.

In the future, these products can provide services to customers, more widely. In fact, financial technology innovation and regulatory tools are an innovative test error-tolerant mechanism, which has established a full-time safety management in the pre-innovation application, and afterwards, and the incidents of life cycle is intended to guide the licensed financial institutions, and the technology companies have safely carry out financial technology innovation. Let the financial management department know more about the new business model and make the agencies more about regulatory frameworks and regulatory requirements.

In December 2019, under the guidance of the People’s Bank of Bank, Beijing took the lead in launching the financial science and technology innovation supervision pilot. On January 14, 2020, the first new innovation application is publicized to the public. Subsequently, the People’s Bank of China will conduct pilots in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xiongan, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other eight regions.

In April 2021, the financial science and technology innovation and supervision tool began to promote national promotion.

As of September 24, the country has accumulated 119 innovative applications.

Zeng said that in general, innovative supervision tools have left space for financial technology innovation, maintaining certain regulatory flexibility; and also better protects consumer rights to prevent potential financial risks.

Innovation applications successfully completed testing, proved that tools play an important role in practice, which can better achieve financial innovation and security balance.

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