This Sweeper! Yang Zhuo Yuxu + Datong Village Day Tour

Original title: This Sweeper! Yang Zhuo Yuxu + Datong Village Day Tour this Saturday! Yang Zhuo Yuxu + Dan Dongcun One-day Tour can click on the "Zhiyou Tibet" WeChat applet to click on the registration. The taste of the summer is getting more and more strong. It is time to feel the summer landscape, even if there is only one The day of leisure, I also want to see the thousands of scenes in this summer. Looking for a good weather, come to a day tour, isn’t it! On Saturday, the "Yang Zhuo That Datong Village, which is launched by Tibet, Zhuomei Travel Service" is about to send the group, and friends who want to experience can click on the "智 游" WeChat applet. Reporter Ma Rong ★ Scenic Area Headu Datong Village Hidden Valley is 18 kilometers from the center of Lhasa, situated in the hidden valley of the southwest corner of Lhasa City, as the best, the most complete Tibetan ancient village, one of the valleys The deep, ancient roads still exist, Qingquan, grass and green onion, with ancient temples with nearly two thousand years and ancient manor, plus local ecological Tibetan houses, let this millennium ancient village exude unique charm. In such a beautiful season, let us go to Dan Village, the mountains, flowers sea, feel this season. Feel someone to have a family, there is a beautiful painting, three meals warm, and four seasons.

The farmer’s parents are short, always wrapped in fireworks, simple and true, outlined, called "hope". Gangbara Mountain is just to see the Yangzhu Mountain, the Gangba Mountain, the Holle, and the mouth, the blue sky, the blue sky, and the blue sky.

Here is an excellent location overlooking Yang Zhuo.

Extremely far, the water is shadic.

Under the sun, the lake is clear, the spark, it seems that countless crystal gem is flashing, snow mountain Qifeng, clearly visible, echo with Yang Zhuo.

If there is a cloud layer over the top of the mountain, it will cast an irregular huge shadow on the lake.

When the blue sky and lake are filled, the pure lake is deeply different in the sun, very dreams. Yang Zhuo Yuxiao Mountain, a blue ribbon, Yang Zhuo, Tibetan language, "Bi Jade Pool", "Swan Pool", "Sheep": That is, "Zhuo": Ranch; "雍": Jasper; "Measures": Lake. Sheep lake has different states under different light conditions, she is like a beautiful girl in the sun, she is like a "Zhuo Ma" that is shy to marry when she is imperial. The sky is blue, the snow white in the sky. , The dark blue of the lake is quietly interspersed.

  ★ Highlights of the trip 1, exclusive group does not turn to turn hands, two people, eight people seals, home delivery; 2, each person gives a view of the western food, fruit; 3, free Total, guests can take pictures Leave a precious travel memory;

  ★ Participation mode This trip is a day trip, full play, without any shopping plus behavior. Activity time: May 30, 2020 Registration time: From now until May 29th registration: Through the "Zhiyou Tibet" WeChat applet, find "Yang Zhuettie Dadong Village Day Tour", click You can sign up.

  Participation fees: 480 yuan / person charges include: lunch, tickets, tour guides, transportation, insurance registration requirements: You can register in parent-child; do not accept children with unscruprable registration.

  Age limit: 5-65 years old recruits: unlimited (including children) ★ Participation needs 1, the scenic spot is located in the plateau, staying in the day and night, please bring warm clothing; The situation is adjusted; 3. Due to the income or not in the event of personal reasons, the costs that have not occurred are not refunded; 4, please bring your own dry food (cookies, chocolate, beef dry, etc.); Drink water, supplement vitamins appropriately; 6, one day it is lightly installed, there is no need to bring your baggage easily; 7, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, etc., please tell us.

(Responsible: Dan Zhuo, Diezi East).