US will dismantle the "quasi-mother" expert impact on the US fleet

People’s Network Beijing February 25 (Huang Zijuan, Ye Zhichun) According to foreign media reports Specific arrangements for retiring in advance. The US Navy issued a statement that "Good people Richard" amphibious attack ship is seriously damaged in a fire in July last year, will be removed from April 15.

So, what is the impact of "Good Richard" attack ship will affect the US naval war preparation? Why do the two endo-sea combat retired? In response to the above problems, the People’s Network interviewed Xu Guangyu, a senior consultant of the China Military Control and Disarmament Association.

Xu Guangyu introduced that "Good people Richard" is full of up to 40,000 tons, which has the ability to equip F-35B fighters. It is a "queen mother" with certain attack capabilities. Previously, the US media reported that "Good Heroes Richard" fired, which not only caused economic losses, but also disrupted its deployment of 4 "lightning aircraft carriers".

Talking about whether the dismantling of this attack ship will affect the US naval war preparation, Xu Guangyu analyzes, a "quasi-mapping" lack, will have a certain impact on the military and fleet groups.

The United States usually habits to jointly use four aircraft carrier to operate, two duty, one maintenance, one maintenance, and two ships at the same time, the amount of carrier can reach 45, forming a certain blow force. After the lack of "quasi-mapping", the implementation task is difficult to increase, and the number of f-35b fighters is further reduced. In order to make up for losses, the US military needs to accelerate the construction of amphibious attacks.

The US Navy announced that the first batch of two endo-China Hohai Combat "Freedom" and "Independence" are transferred to the state of "retired storage", and the time is on September 30 and July 31 this year. According to the US Navy’s related policies, ships that are in a sealed equipment will retain combat capabilities and may be re-enabled in the future. For the "Freedom" and "Independence", the two end retirements of the "Independence", Xu Guangyu believes that there are two main reasons, one is that the performance of the combat ship itself has a deficiencies, and the second is the strategic competitors and regions. Variety. The tonnage of the tonnage of the hose is low, the water is slightly shallow, the price is not cheap, mainly three major tasks: anti-submarine, cover the fleet and the thunder. "The Earth-Hai Funds pursue high-speed motor capacity, but the equipment equipped with equipment is not mature, resulting in a slight graphic rib, and the weapon equipment and combat capability of the endo seafront are through the approach of the other party, if the strategy competitance attack And the anti-field defense ability is very strong, and there is no role in the end of the hostess.

Xu Guangyu said.

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