Xi Jinping’s story is not changed from the future

  Bloody heart is a revolution, and it is not changed from the future. More than 90 years ago, the Communist Party’s Xia Munhan trapped in prison, and issued a "cutting head is not tight, as long as the law is really." Kill Xia Men, there is a prostitute ". How is Xia Mingham embark on a revolutionary path from a rich family? Why is his ideal so strong? On the occasion of the party for a hundred years, we can relive his story. What kind of enlightenment can you get? "The Story of Xi Jinping" The Chinese Communist Party was established by the Party Century Series. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were people outside in China, and the people were unheastered. In 1917, Xia Minghan, born in Mingmen, admitted into the mechanical department of Hunan Province, and the "industrial rescue". During the school, Xia Munhand came into contact with progressive ideas, secret organization, and participated in the demonstration of the May 4th movement and opposing the Beiyang warlord. His moves make feudal old grandfather very annoying.

Some richers, the homesicks also colluded asked the grandfather to teach him.

So, Xia Mingham finally broke with the feudal family, escaped from Xiafu and went to Changsha.

  In Changsha, Xia Munham became the first batch of students in Hunan Selfupive University. By studying Marxism-Leninism theory, Xia Mingham has a more profound understanding and understanding of communism, plus his own experience and the determination to save the country, and firm Communism. In 1921, the Chinese Communist Party was established. In that year, Xia Munhan joined the Communist Party of China.

  After entering the party, in accordance with the instructions of the Hunan District Committee of the Communist Party of China, he participated in the strike of Changsha human car workers; during the preparation process of autumn harvest, responsible for contacting work and organizing farmers armed.

Xia Munham also led the peasant riots of Pingjiang and Liuyang, which strongly cooperated with the creation of Jinggangshan base. At the beginning of 1928, the Party Organization was in Tiamingshan to Hubei to carry out revolutionary work.

At that time, Wuhan was very dangerous, and the reactionary sentimental revolution.

However, Xia Minghan struggles for the communist cause, so I bid farewell to my wife and my born daughter, only to Wuhan. I have never thought of this trip, actually became a good time.

  Shortly after Wuhan, Xia Munham was arrested for sale. Although it has been brought by various penalties, he is blurred, he still does not yield.

The enemy saw that Xia Mun Han Ning was unyielding and decided to kill him. Before the punishment, the enemy asked him that there was no lastword. He wanted to come to the paper pen. He was in the face of a strong mountain river. age.

The revolutionary martyrs, Xia Mingham, using full blood and vows, interpret the Communists to the ideality, calm, and inspire generation generation "later". Producer: Liu Gang’s product man: Fan Huixing: Fan Hui, Han Wei, Wang Zhibin, Qiao Bo reporter: Jiang Ji, Xiaobo, Fan Junwei packaging: Xia Yong poster: Wang He (internship) Xinhua News Agency audio and video Ministry production Xinhua News Agency.