Wuhan Diary: Soft Ribs under White

Rao Yu and colleagues discussed patients.

Gao Xiang is map "Don’t want me at all," in the beginning of January, the "epidemic" of the Zhongnan Hospital is started, and everyone is busy building isolation wards, and accepting patients.

"Initially, no one knows which patient is infected, everyone’s psychological pressure and physiological pressure are very big." Rao said, after playing, he is outside, rarely go home.

"The most thought is that the girlfriend, occasionally go home to make some change clothes, and only look at it, or chat with a few meters away." Rao said, one o’clock, he turned to the mobile phone Photo; If you have more time, he will live with his family. "It is mainly to see Yuanyuan." Rao is a badminton fan, and it is also practiced for a while.

Affected by his influence, the 7-year-old daughter began to learn.

Rao Yu can feed the ball and guide, Yuanyuan learns to work hard, always like to play him. "Sometimes I think of it, it is very sad.

I went home to take the clothes, saying two sentences far away, she is still stupid, it seems that I don’t want me at all.

"Rao said that the daughter is not very happy recently, and it is a good foot, nor is it to live with her. Rao is very self-blaming, it is too busy, often not home," Now it is more "Rao Yu’s lover is a computer engineer, often overtime, mainly grandma and grandmother to take Yuan Yuan." Very owed to her daughter, wait for the epidemic, I want to take her to practice the ball, play chess, go to the distance.

"Rao said. When I recalled the doctor, I was waiting for the doctor. In the Central South Hospital of the Central South Hospital, a female doctor follows the child’s video:" Baby baby, you don’t want to mother … "white coat It’s not a helmet, and the soft ribs covered below is their home.