Yin Xiumei, Dai Yuqiang led Beijing Great Wall Concert to relive red nostalgic classics

  On the evening of the 3rd, the second "Happy China" in Beijing Great Wall Concert was staged in the Badaling Great Wall in Beijing.

The performance was led by the singer Yin Xiumei and Dai Yuqiang. Guo Masteem Fang Jinlong joined, revisiting the red classic with the people in the National Day holiday. The whole performance is to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the motherland.

  Wang Lida took the son Xiao Tang Tang first, "Today is your birthday, my China" is open for concerts. Under the warm stage lighting, it is like a large birthday candle gathering party, and the stage is flowing down on the motherland’s mother’s mother.

  Along with Xue Yuxi "The Motherland Mother", Zhou Zi "I want to sing a song" With the continuous warming, the audience has finally reported warm applause in each song. When he heard the familiar melody; the "Merry of Jasmine" and Wei Jin Dong interpretated the "grassland night" of Zhou Zhi’s "Jasmine Flower" and Wei Jindong. Intoxicated in a beautiful melody. Master Guo Le, the contemporary five stringed representatives Fang Jinlong have donated a monk solo "Spring River Flower Night" for the audience, and uses a fascinating scenery that is fascinating in the spring river. The singer Dai Yuqiang and Yin Xiumei’s pressure axis performs a climax. Dai Yuqiang interprets the red nostalgic classic "Mao’s words" and the Western opera classic track "My sun"; Yin Xiumei sang representative "The Song of the Yangtze River".

After two people join hands to bring "Building a Chinese Dream" to the audience, the whole concert ends in the chorus of all actors and live audiences "I love you China".

  On October 4th, Beijing Great Wall Concert welcomed the event, Lu Siqing, Tang Junjong will reproduce the classic, leading a young player Chinese and Western innovation to interpret China and foreign classic tracks.

  As the outdoor music brand of Beijing, the "Beijing Great Wall Concert" is relying on the Badaling Great Wall, gathers China’s famous singer, musicians and national symphony orchestra, to create a high level of "China Music, World Quality", fully Highlighting the cultural soft power of Beijing as an open international metropolis, use music to tell "China Story".

  Beijing Great Wall Concert will be held regularly this year, so that visitors at home and abroad will feel the charm of Beijing Music City while visiting the Great Wall, plugging in the wings of music in ancient Great Wall.

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