Xingtai, Hebei: Urban infrastructure improvement work ordered

It is understood that this year, Xingtai City has been to create a "northern first-class" garden greening, promoting the creation of national ecological garden cities, and planning "Ten 8th Street" project.

Up to now, the "Ten 8th Street" has been completed, and the accumulated plants of the treble of the trembling (the mission target is a plant), the bush is 10,000 square meters. The second-level researcher of the Xingtai City Management Law Enforcement Bureau, Gu Guangxin, and the city management bureau pays close attention to the city’s public parking facilities construction, management, service, hit "increase, minus, minister" combination, and fully enhance the construction of public parking facilities. Up to now, there is a new public parking facility in the city, and 117% of the provincial tasks are completed, and the first in Hebei Province is first. In addition, for the construction of domestic waste incineration treatment facilities, Xingtai City determines the total incineration of domestic garbage in the whole area of ??20 people, and pays close attention to Bai Township, Ningjin, Wei County, Shahe, giant 5 garbage incineration power generation project. Construction, transportation and management, in the province, in the province, the first to achieve full amount of burning treatment in whole-life garbage.

At the same time, the Xingtai City Urban Management Bureau adopts unified planning, unified identification, publicity and guidance, etc., high standards, high efficiency to promote garbage classification. At present, the Xingdu District, Xindu District, Development Zone, Xing Dongxin District has realized full coverage of public institution garbage sorting, Shatu District, and Fudu District have built a demonstration street, development zone, Xing Dongxin District has built a demonstration community .

At present, Xingtai City Xinhua South Road improved renovation project is completed on August 1, with a total of approximately 20,000 square meters, a new has 3,000 square meters, a new sewage pipe network 800 meters, rainwater pipe network 1500 meters, new street lamp 36 basis.

8 road light construction projects such as Tallinn Street, South State Street, completed on July 31, accumulating 122 new loaded lights, 264 new lamps, 3 new road light transformers, effectively improved the night travel environment, the road is smooth The masses travel escort. Next, the Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau of Xingtai City will enhance the effort to strengthen the administration of severance, governance, and the decline, further supplement the city’s short board, comprehensively improve urban service, management, law enforcement level, and fully build livable, Yi Her, Yiye Tour city environment.

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