Sichuan emergency person: "New Story" in the "Postal Epidemic"

The Pujin Rong Levels will find the safe production of a safe production during an enterprise to supervise the epidemic. As long as you see the smile of the masses, Pu Jin Rong will be gratified, because he is indeed an urgentity, the masses need the masses need. "Pu Director, you run this day, don’t you tired?" Faced with some friends’ good faith reminded, Pu Jin Rongri smiled, replied: "Working from safety work, you have to be responsible for the health of the people, can’t stand out! "Safety is more important than Taishan, prevention is very disaster relief.

In order to be a good security supervisor, Pu Jinrong often conducts supervision of "four no two straight" methods, and also introduces "list system + responsibility system" to read "tightening", "civil air defense + technical defense" to build "firewall", "reward" + Punish "3+" regulatory model "3+" regulatory model is used in the "standard ruler", and 21 measures to manage chemical enterprises in the county’s dangerous chemical industry.

Recently, the bureau dispatched a 76-person inspection of 151 enterprises (times), investigated 268 hidden dangers, have completed 265 points, and the rectification rate is reached. In recent years, Pu Jin has won honors such as "Sichuan Province Remember the Civil Service". Under his leadership, the county’s safety production work continued to be the first place in the city for 6 consecutive years.

Do a good job in institutional reform "Wu Yuan Zhi is the winner of the" May 1st Labor Medal "in Sichuan Province, Nanchong City" Workers ".

For more than three months, as the Director of the Emergency Administration of Yingshan County, Sichuan Province, he fights to fight the party member of the Pioneers, leading the global emergency management cadres to rush in the first line of the war, and the situation of the local epidemic prevention and control situation Sexual results, he also invested in the actual exercise work.

"The drill is the first large comprehensive emergency drill held by the county and township emergency management system.

"Recently, Wu Yuanzhi briefly introduced the reporter to the county’s 2020 emergency rescue comprehensive practical exercise." New crown pneumonia epidemic This burst public health emergency sounded a alarm, must be rushed to the flood season, through the actual work drill Further inspection plan, running the mechanism, exercise team, playing in natural disasters, production safety emergencies, preparations for adapting to the ‘full disaster, and the emergency "emergency rescue power system is ready.

"The drill is mainly targeting the hidden dangers in the mountains, the forest area is widely distributed, the flood prevention pressure is characterized, the risks such as residential electricity, dangerous chemicals enterprises, simulates mountain flood geological disasters, large-scale power outages, forest fires, water rescue 7 aspects such as hazardous chemicals are burst, conduct targeted practical drills. Through a variety of subjects, it is actually inspected that the county has emergency rescue capacity to build a real level in recent years.

In Wu Yuan Zhi, the sharpener is not mistaken, and it is necessary to pass the construction mechanism, play the foundation, and strive to punish, clear regulations, engage in drills. Surface, firmly hold the "basic disk" of the safety production, and fully do the new power of the county emergency management agency reform, and give fun to the new power of the new system. In March this year, in order to refine the observation and performance appraisal, the Yingshan County Emergency Administration Union County Commission Affairs Committee Supervision Committee and other departments, revolve new changes in functional responsibilities, and take the lead in the city "Yingshan County Safety Production and Emergency Management Accountability Measures, pressing the emergency management of the emergency management cadres.

Since April, Wu Yuanzhi took the lead in proportion to the construction of the township (street) safety production and emergency management standardization, and strive to achieve the improvement of the grassroots work, realize "eight": there is a preparation, function, someone, have a brand, there is The seal, there is a fixed office, with work funds, transportation, communication, accident emergency rescue, safety supervision and other equipment and facilities, etc.

In addition, he also personally leads the team to carry out supervision and supervision, safety inspection, etc., a total of 288 emergency management power, inspect 236 enterprises and institutions, find 53 risk hazards, rectify 38 on the spot, order to rectify 15 at a time limit, And track the guidance to remember to the position. (Fresh Saint Tang Huazaki Sun Chen Liao Lingling Xue Ming) (Responsible: Thin Morning, Shen Yuxin) Share more people see the recommended reading.