Shijiazhuang fully implements "nine major projects" to promote the construction of provincial capital and high quality development

Original title: Shijiazhuang fully implements "nine major projects" to promote the provincial capital construction and high quality development resolutely implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government decision-making deployment Shijiazhuang fully implemented the "Nine Major Project" to promote the construction of the provincial capital and high quality development, strong promotion of 45 key tasks, Clarify responsibility division, establish a job promotion account, formulate detailed timetable, road map and responsibility, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, "Opinions on the Implementation of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee on vigorously supporting the construction of the provincial capital and high quality development> Implementation Plan, fully implement "nine major projects", strive to achieve "nine improvements", strongly promote 45 key tasks, and fully promote the provincial party committee, provincial government decision-making in the provincial meeting landing roots.

The provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the construction of the capitalization, and has issued the "Opinions on Vigorously Supporting the Construction of the Provincial Association and High Quality Development". In the face of the historical opportunities of thousands of heavy, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have held the city’s leading cadres, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the executive meeting of the Municipal Government will have repeatedly dispatched, quickly unified thinking, cohesion consensus, and research have set up the implementation of the provincial capital The implementation plan of the construction and high quality development, clear responsibility division, establish a work promotion account, formulate detailed timetable, road map and responsibility book, and adhere to the "dry" word, "real" word first, " "Imperial" is required, strive to promote the innovation development, green development, high quality development of Shijiazhuang, accelerate the construction of modernization, and internationally beautiful provincial capital.

Implement the soul of the soul, improve the political station. Shijiazhuang City tightly seized this major opportunity. All departments at all levels further improve the political station, and practically unified the ideological and action to the provincial party committee, the provincial government decision-making deployment, unified to the municipal party committee, municipal government work arrangements, unified to " Shijiazhuang in action The provincial government and the people of the city pay a qualified answer.

Implement a space expansion project to enhance the city image taste. Adhere to the world’s vision, international standards, from "comprehensive improvement of urban image quality, scientific compilation of the overall national planning, accelerate the construction of the Ecological economic bands of the Lijiang River, optimize the adjustment of the groundwater type drinking water source protection area, accelerate the development and construction of idle land, and in depth into the city Update action, comprehensively strengthen urban management "seven aspects of accurate power, complement the functional short board, make up the ecological weakness, make up the facilities blank, also space in the city, also green in the people, and also public support services in society. Implement an industrial jump project to enhance the comprehensive economic strength.

Focusing on the improved modern industrial system, be a strong leading industry, in the two major industries of electronic information, biomedical medicine, and use three to five years to create 5 "100 billion-level" industrial clusters; doing excellent traditional industries , Doing a big emerging industry, actively striving for the provincial industrial development fund to support advanced manufacturing, digital economy, modern service industry and modern urban agriculture, accelerating the construction of a digital economic industrial park, and strive to do China International Digital Economic Expo, and construct advantage , Highly competitive modern industrial system.

Implement green development projects to enhance the quality of ecological environment.

Actively do carbon Dhame, carbon, and work, speed up the adjustment of energy structure, increase ecological restoration and environmental pollution management, adhere to scientific pollution, precision pollution, iron wrist, and strive to build Shijiazhuang to become a green water Beautiful provincial capital city.

Implement an open project to enhance the influence of the visibility. High standard, high-quality promotion, development zone, the main trade test area, the comprehensive bonded area, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area construction, promote 21 provincial-level development zones to optimize integration, support the expansion upgrade of the international airport, high standard construction Shijiazhuang International land port, continuously promote the normal operation of China and Europe, attracting more multinational companies, international institutions to invest in stone.

Implement traffic and promote the status of transportation hub. For urbanization transformations in the high-speed road section of the city high-speed, actively strive to be the Hengmei, Shi Wei, Qing Wei Expressway into the National Expressway Network, promoting the new (change, expansion) construction of the national trunk line around the provincial capital, accelerating the promotion of Shixiong, Shi Honggang Intercity railway construction, built a "hour traffic circle" connecting the main cities of Beijing and Tianjin and the provincial capital. Implement people’s livelihood priority projects to enhance the level of public service.

Focusing on the masses, improving the social security service system, and actively promoting the "double-first-class" universities such as Hebei University of Technology, in Shijiazhuang Construction graduate training base, promotes the cooperation of Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Hospital and Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Affiliated Hospital to build a national respiratory region medical treatment Center, support the establishment of national 5A-level scenic spots in the ancient city, vigorously promote 20 people’s livelihood projects and 10 Huimin practical things, and comprehensively enhance the level of public service. At the same time, it also implements cross-catching projects, enhances high quality development level; implementing service improvement projects, enhancing the efficiency of elements, and comprehensively enhances the core competitiveness of the city.

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