Zhangzhou Fengyang: Juelun Village "Two Committees" exchanges activation of rural vitality "a clear water"

In order to ensure the high quality, high standards do a good job in the "two committees" replacement work, Zhangzhou Fengyang County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is planned, rapid deployment, and activates the village to revitalize "a clear water".

In advance, "water-water", the "atmosphere" first-hand chess set up 4 changing atmosphere preaching groups, select three cases in recent years to investigate and deal with the episode. Printing and distribution, "Notice on Further Works" (Community) "Second Commission", strict "ten strictly forbidden" requirements. Formulate disciplinary commitments to do 100% of people who participate in the transfer work, 100% of the township party committees and candidates, and the candidates sign a disciplinary commitment 100%. Strict "filtration", tightening the "party style and clean government" supervision and cleansing, conducting a comprehensive medical examination, joint review, comprehensive research, and actively stabilizing advice, resolutely putting the "disease" . Rowly dispose of the problem clues, set up a special check group for discipline discipline, which is responsible for the discipline of discipline, special registration, and timely transfer of special check groups to ensure quick checkup.

Strong "control water", the textured "supervision and discipline" shocked the income of the chapere related content in the political supervision and conversation, and urge the township party committee to fulfill the subject responsibility. The 12 people of the county discipline committee were established in the Organization Department of the County Party Committee, the relevant business personnel of the county Civil Affairs Bureau established 4 exchange winds and supervision groups, and the dismissal of the township (park) village (community). In addition, it will be included in the first round of inspection of the 15th county party committee to ensure the extension of the patrol supervision to the village (community) party organization. The source "water storage", building a "rural resonance" crimping stone to do a good job in the training of 235 administrative villages in the county, the training of the new village-level discipline inspection committees, and select the Village Supervision Committee, hiring the village-level discipline inspection committee for monitoring information. , Select highly equipped with strong supervisors.

Strengthening the Village Discipline Inspection Commission and the Village Supervision Committee communication and coordination, effectively and converged, and forms supervision and cooperation.

Give full play to the outpost and probes of the village-level discipline inspection, effectively realize the supervision of important matters such as the "three capital" of the village collective, and polish the country with a clean government. (Xiong Hao Yang Xiaotong) (Editor: Wu Siwu, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.