Aid Xinjiang Cadre tells the story of the help 上海男士spa推荐 of Xinjiang |

  Of course, the problem of working out the industrial development of the township has also become a thing I happens to my heart. Tower is low, the industrial development is low, the industrial development is small, disadvantaged, and the township has almost no fiscal income.

How to achieve effective connection to poverty and rural revitalization is a need for us to solve the problem. After adjusting development, Tagan Township has a unique geographical advantage, not only the center of the center of the townships of Shuku County, but also is close to the expressway, providing transportation, acquisition, processing. So, I proposed the recommendations of "Building a small micro-garden area to build a small micro-garden area, driving the township economy, helping the poverty, and promoting rural 上海大桶大398油压 resolution." The high spicy chili pepper processing line is under construction in "Small Micro Agricultural Processing Park". At present, there is a 56-acre "small micro-agricultural processing garden" project has begun to implement, and there are three high-pepper, walnut processing, and 3 tail dishes, total investment of 1.36 million yuan.

The local 220 villagers will have nearly employed, thereby further improving the industrial development chain integrating planting, processing, and sales. These days, in order to promote work with villagers, promote work, I work hard to learn Uighur, and I hope that through the role of physical strength, guide the villagers to actively learn national general language.

  "But it is difficult, and the party is brave; but it is impressed, it 桑拿论坛最新上海 is enacted.

"Although the township aid, although hard, difficult, I will still have no hesitation, try to do the" walking people "on the road to help the people, do more" walking things "for the people. (Text finishing / video production: Li Mengting).