Heavy rain keeps with high temperatures to affect the Sichuan

  On July 12, Hua Yue City, Baihe Tsui, Mingyue Town, Mingyue Town, was siege. On July 12, Sichuan Meteorological Observatory issued an important weather trend forecast: It is expected to have a clear rainfall weather process in Sichuan Province, and there is a large rain in the basin. Guangyuan, Mianyang, Deyang, Chengdu, Ya’an, Meishan, Leshan 7 cities have heavy rain, local heavy rain, accumulated rainfall can reach 200-300 mm, maximum rainfall can reach more than 200 mm; Aba Prefecture, southeast of Ganzi Prefecture and There is a heavy rain in Panxi area, local rainstorm.

  On the same day, there were 16 high-temperature orange early warning signals in Sichuan, which involved Leshan, Meishan, Ya’an, Cangzhou 4, of which 13 were in Meishan City and Leshan City. As at 18 o’clock on the same day, in addition to Marcang, Kangding and Xichang, 21 main cities in the province exceed 30 ° C, 12 of which were more than 32 ° C.

  Meteorologists pointed out that entering "three volts", high temperature, high heat, and high humidity will become a normal state. After the high temperature enjoys the voluminant, Meishan Leshan large area, high temperature warning July 12, Sichuan has released 16 high-temperature orange warning signals, including 13 in Meishan City and Leshan City.

  At 8:39 on July 12, the Meteorological Observatory of Meishan City was released from the weather forecast: It is expected that most local temperatures in the city will reach 35 ° C and above, please pay attention to heatstroke. Subsequently, Dongpo, Dan, Renshou, and Pengshan released high temperature orange warning. According to the live monitoring of Meteorological Observatory in Meishan, as of 16, there were 11 sites in the city to break through 35 ° C high temperature line, and the highest is now in Guiping Town, Renshou County, at ° C. According to the latest weather data analysis, it is expected that all districts and counties in Meishan City are cloudy daytime, the highest temperature is 33 ° C to 35 ° C. In Leshan, the transition from high humidity to high temperature is more obvious.

On the evening of July 11, there were shots in the city, and there were heavy rain in the city, and there was a heavy rain in the 县, and Muchuan County. The largest rainfall appeared in the Jinkou river area. The rain is millimeters. In the morning, on July 12, Leshan City turned sunny day. At 11 o’clock, Emei Mountain, Muchuan, and well-study temperature rose to 30 ° C. According to the latest weather forecast, July 13, Leshan City will still be mainly based on cloudy weather. Meteorologists suggest that minimize out, eat more fruits and vegetables, timely moisture from time to time; in the open-air and high temperature environment, reasonably arrange the operation time, try to avoid afternoon high temperature period, and do heatstroke and cooling measures.

  Rainstorm is expected in mid-July, Sichuan Province, many shots or thunderstorms, early provincial climate centers, predicted: In July, the average precipitation in the province was less than the same period of the year, and the average temperature was higher than that of the same period of the year. Live monitoring shows that in early July, the temperature of all over the province is generally close to all year round or slightly high, and the precipitation is significantly less than the northeast northeast, and most of them are small.

  Meteorologists reminded that the rain is less in the previous period, so rain in the flood season may appear more concentrated.

Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Ya’an floods may be high, Longmen Mountainous District, Zhou Mountain, Panxi Area, may also have a strong precipitation center, to do a prevention of disasters such as mountain flood and landslide mudslides.

  According to the provincial meteorological station forecast, in mid-July, many shots or thunderstorms in Sichuan Province. In terms of total rainfall in the same period of the year, there are many southwestern parts of the basin, and the rest of Sichuan Province is mostly normal.

It is expected that some places in the western part of the Basin in the middle of the Basin, the southern part of Ganzi Prefecture, and some parts of the Panxi area have a high rainfall, the geological disaster is high, and it is necessary to pay attention to preventing landslides, mudslides, mountain floods and other meteorological disasters.

  Prevent agriculture must strictly prevent pests and high-temperature volt agricultural meteorological experts believe that most of the soil in the current basin is suitable, and the moisture conditions required for the big spring crop can be met. However, there is currently a strong growth phase of the big spring crop, and the sustained amount of sustained sustainability of the sustained matter reduces the intensity of crop blade photos and its growth. At the same time, rainy days, high humidity, and the weather conditions in the sun are the development of pests and diseases. Advantageous conditions.

  In mid-June, due to the northeast of the basin, there has been a significant multi-precipitation weather process period, which provides favorable meteorological conditions for the migration of rice planthoppers. The plant protection 闵行水磨 department judged that the current rice planthopter has been largely moved into Sichuan Province, and across the Yangtze River barrier, into some areas in the central part of the basin, which constitutes a serious threat to rice production in Sichuan Province.

To this end, the Provincial Agricultural Meteorological Center recommends that there must be strong monitoring and prevention of rice planthoppers, especially the northeastern, Belt South Rice, to reduce the sources of insects, reduce the risk of rice flying to other rice. .

  Meteorologist reminds the water fertilizer field management work, Guang’an, Nanchong, Suining, Qianyang, Neijiang, Zigong, Yibin, and Zhangzhou may have a general room, the northeast, the south, the southern part of the Basin The heat wave occurs, and the number of high 上海虹口水磨300群 temperature days may be more than half a year, and it is necessary to do anti-disaster prevention and mitigation.

(Reporter Chen Ting).