For the time generation of the windmare – the 31st China News Award Hunan Awards Works (3)

The correspondent Peng Ling records the situation of the times, excavating the corners of the people, and the sound is more farther, this is not just the entity of journalists, but also a glory. To this end, they don’t hesitate to "feet, eyesight, brain power", and will always go on the way in the news site, always in the wave of development in the times.

In the past year, Hunan journalists not only actively transform the style of writing, try to record the new technical means, but also insist on exploring the media integration and platform building, with the fastest, most "live", the latest means, pass the party’s voice, respond to the masses Criteria, the people of the songs have created 3 second prizes in the thirty-first China News Awards selection, 4 third prizes.

Watch the scene, spread the strongest wave 2020, is the 30th anniversary of my country’s participation in the United Nations peacekeeping operations, and the President Xi Jinping issued an important speech in the United Nations Summit 5th anniversary.

In order to showcase the huge contribution of China’s peacekeeping military to construct human fate community, show the good image of peacekeeping officers and men and youthful style, Hunan Radio and TV Station launched 5 episodes of military theme news topics "as peace." This is the first time, the provincial Satellite TV has worn into the overseas peacekeeping area of ??our army, and the field interview shooting, all-round development of military themes.

Not only is the project shooting geographical span, but also strong political and professionalism, and the shooting risk factor is also very high.

The master creation person recalls the editing process, still surprisingly jumping: "When shooting in Somalia, the doubts of the yard have been suspected, and the film crew spent the sleepless night; in the South Sudan, the film crew recorded a fierce in the local militant The thrilling scene of the gun battle.

In the desert close to 60 degrees Celsius in Western Sahara, the film crew observed the military observers on the ceasefire line, patrol, investigate and evolve.

In Lebanon and the Israeli border crisis, our lens shoots the shock screen of the mines and successfully detonated the shoot. "Overcoming more difficulties, the film crew has completed the construction task, won the three prizes of TV news topic. In all 嘉定区419会所推荐 areas of work, in various corners of the world, how many silently struggled Chinese Hunan Radio and TV station works" shine ordinary " "China Story, International Expression" is the concept of production, with the help of two international guest experiences around China in science and technology innovation, environmental protection, agricultural science, astronomical science, development results in the field of medical care, etc., use real expression and personalization Sharing, "China Program" for the world’s world problems in the world, providing decentralized, food security, desert governance, etc., showing China and the world to work together, practice the concept of "human fate community", and won TV news topic second class Award. On-site, always have the most authentic power.


The "sprint 1500 kg" Sprint 1500 kg – Yuan Longping Team, the third-generation hybrid water rice production, "through online packaging, virtual reality, etc., creating a pendulum scene to watch rice rumors and waves, let people be immersive . Previously, Hunan Radio and Television main creation personnel learned from the news to formal live broadcast, in just 10 days, I went to Hengnan County to step on the point, and the academician of Yuan Longping and his research team were deeply exchanged, accurately grasp the scientific knowledge of hybrid rice production.

The live broadcast received the second prize of TV live broadcast class.

Full Media, who fused to develop, a photo of "Happy to Sig" last summer, became the most vivid record in this news event in the college entrance examination.

That is the Hunan Daily Photography Reporter, who is guarded at the school gate, through the high-speed shutter, capturing the moment of the candidate Rosheng Yao Gao Yue, "Yue · Yue", won the second prize of the news photography class. Not satisfied with the photo, Hunan Daily then launched a multi-form subsequent video product, forming comprehensive communication, with more than 5 million accumulated browsing.

Rain water can sell money, this is a new thing. Hunan radio reporter seized this exclusive news clue, launched "China’s first successful rainwater resources officially put into use". The reporter witnessed the rainwater use of the first car on the spot, revealing the accumulated rain as a resource for sale, producing market value. In addition to broadcasting reports in the day of the day, they also carry out online fusion spread through text, pictures, audio, video, etc., in the new media platform of Mango, APP, etc., netizens, netizens Foods are praised for this. The work won the third prize of the broadcast message class. During the national two sessions, Hunan Radio and Television launched "Hu Xiangping: China’s determination", won the three prizes of TV commentary.

In-depth study, General Secretary, General Secretary, three participation in the group’s consideration, discussion, and discuss the spirit of the important speech during the national two sessions, combined with the current international domestic economic situation and the China’s economic recovery situation, and the two conference hotspots, adhere to the "one review", timely, and powerful Mainstream public opinion is guided.

In recent years, media integration has become a hotspot for news communication research. Changsha Evening News "" Three Refactoring "Helps Deep Integration Development", won the third prize of news papers. The paper explores the media integration of Changsha Evening News, and proposes the extensive application of artificial intelligence technology in the media field, refactoring the content production process, reconstructing the media product system, reconstructs business profit model, in order to promote traditional media to intelligence media transformation , Promote the development of media depth integration, and achieve the strategic goal of "Main Army to fully enter the battlefield", providing a reference and reference for the development of central government in the country.

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