Beijing to build the ecosystem services listed on North Exchange

Original title: the city to build the North Exchange Listing Service ecosystem newspaper reporter Cao Zheng Beijing stock exchange market opened soon, which "Beijing Brand" enterprises expected to be available? "Beijing will strive to ‘new special expertise" enterprises developed into a major force North Exchange listing. "A few days ago, the city started the North Exchange Listing Service Training for the" new special expertise "enterprises, the City Council by letter and also shares of National company, North Exchange signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote Beijing’s "new special expertise" listed a number of small and medium enterprises, Jin layer number, listed a number and a group of reserves.

Deputy director of the Municipal Council by letter Wang Lei said that Beijing will foster and introduce a number of professional ability,上海油压按摩会所论坛 high-quality service quality service agencies, build service ecosystem "new special expertise" North Exchange listed companies. 120 Beijing enterprises interested in the so-called "new special expertise" listed on North Exchange, small and medium enterprises that have "specialized, sophisticated, character, novel" of features. As of the end of September, Beijing has "specialist special new" SME 1509 municipal levels. According to the plan, this figure will reach at the end of 2000, reaching 2500-3000 next year.

  It is the future of these companies listed on the "potential shares."

With the scale of sustained and rapid growth, "new special expertise" enterprises have become the backbone of the field of business and head of the city many industry 上海耍耍网论坛 segments.

Especially the new special expertise "little giant" enterprises, over five percent R & D accounted for more than 10% over Liucheng profit of tens of millions, around seventy percent of operating income over 100 million yuan nearly 70% of core technology at home and abroad to fill the gaps , over Bacheng ranks first in market segments. North Exchange born in the innovation environment, but also will serve innovation. Contrast the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange starting 10 billion threshold, North Exchange set the market value of 200 million, 400 million, 800 million and 1.5 billion four sets listing standards for innovative SMEs more inclusive, more flexible, and more flexible.

Shares of the country, deputy general manager, deputy general manager Wang Li said Beijing Stock Exchange, after the North Exchange set up three new board "progressive layers" of the market structure will be more consolidation, the base layer located in the incubator of innovative SMEs innovation layer is located accelerator innovative SMEs, North Exchange is innovative SMEs to achieve leapfrog development of fission, a better help "new special expertise" business growth "little giant", to open up for SMEs financing side, the development side, the side listing of the new path.

  "Pre thoroughly discovered, ‘new special expertise’ in more than 250 companies have listed will. After a preliminary screening, of which about 120 eligible North Exchange listed, we will focus on helping these enterprises docking.

"Director of Small and Medium Enterprise City Council by letter Liu Weiliang said. Listing Service for enterprises to build ecosystem" new special expertise "enterprises are facing new opportunities in the capital market, Beijing will also benefit from multi-dimensional multi-sectoral services company, support and encourage listed companies.

  Recently, the City Council by letter to the national Shares of the company, Beijing Stock Exchange reached an agreement through the establishment of regular meetings, push each other mutual recognition, joint training, study visits, mechanism for data sharing, media coverage, etc., together to create "special expertise the new "enterprise North Exchange listed engineering, engineering innovation layer layer Shanxi, the country’s listed shares switched systems engineering and engineering stocks, pushing Beijing" new special expertise "enterprises to use high-quality multi-level capital market development to achieve a number of listed, Jin layer number, listed a number and a group of reserves. In addition, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the National City Shares of the company, Beijing will build a stock exchange "Beijing National Stock Exchange share transfer system Beijing service base," mining enterprises to cultivate reserve resources to build Beijing and the National Stock Exchange Shares of system services The new regional economic platform.

  "The next step will be to carry out a series of training services through online and offline, organizations ‘new special expertise" enterprises into the discussion activities visit the North Exchange, small funds and small funds stimulate social capital financing to expand supply, etc. in an effort to’ Specialization special new ‘corporate training to become the main force in the North Exchange listing.

"Said Wang Lei, Beijing will also focus on cultivating and introducing a number of professional ability, high quality service agency services, to create" ecosystem services new special expertise "North Exchange listed companies.

  During the year the introduction of a "package" to support the national policy Shares of Company policy reform, brokerage analysts listed path, accounting firms listed answers to financial problems, the law firm checks non-financial issues norm …… Recently, more than 200 "new special expertise "parties institutions and listed companies will encounter" face to face "communication. This is the first activities the city launched the "new special expertise" enterprises listed a series of training services.

"In the face ‘new special expertise’ businesses, we will have weekly training services listed with a focus on financial discipline, corporate governance and legal help these companies answering questions.

"Said Liu Weiliang." New special expertise "enterprises often set up not long, but specializes in technology research and development, many of them know nothing of public financing. In Beijing, these companies will get the full life cycle of" one to one "service. Premarket companies looking for law firms, accounting firms, brokerage costs will be subsidized, after the listing there will be incentives, the development of specific projects, patents, etc. will have financial support to help businesses reduce costs, achieve high-quality development.

  Reporters learned that the city is stepping up efforts to develop research supports the promotion of the "package" policy of high-quality development of the "new special expertise" enterprises, from basic innovation, the transformation, R & D, technological innovation, industrial layout, space support, personnel security, etc. providing support for such enterprises is expected to introduced during the year. ” Package ‘policies including financial support for’ new special expertise "enterprises, in addition to public financing, also includes support for a wide range of debt financing, equity financing." Liu Weiliang said.

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